Velha Amizade Indica NWOBHM - Part I - 2013
1-No Fun After Midnight - A II Z
2-Treason - A II Z
3-Rock Rock - Baby Tackoo
4-Red Lights - Black Axe
5-Contact Rock And Roll - Blind Fury
6-Evil Eyes - Blind Fury
7-Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
8-Higly Stong - Chateaux
9-Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof
10-Am I Evil - Diamond Head
11-Pandora´s Box - Elixir
12-Son´s of Odin - Elixir
13-I'm No Fool - Gaskin
14-Demolition Boys - Girlschool
15-Fight With The Devil - Hollow Ground
16-Death Or Glory - Holocaust
Velha Amizade Indica NWOBHM - Part II - 2013
1-Iron Maiden - Fear of The Dark
2-Jaguar - Back Street Woman
3-Keel - Brothers In Blood
4-Keel - Streets of Rock & Roll
5-Keel - The Devil May Care
6-Raven - Don't Need Your Money
7-Saxon - And the Bands Played On
8-Saxon - Ride Like the Wind
9-Tank - Don't Walk Away - BBC Session
10-Tokyo Blade - Dead On The  Night
11-Tokyo Blade - Night OF The Blade
12-Tokyo Blade - Shadows Of Insanity
13-Tokyo Blade - Someone To Love
14-Tokyo Blade - Warrior OF The Rising Sun
15-Tygers Of Pan-Tang - Killers
16-Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General

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